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Musical Focus

music notesTempe Community Chorus focuses on many musical elements. We seek to understand the lyrics and composers’ and arrangers’ choices. We work to blend our voices and to sing with passion and think about musical shape and colors and depth. Our Director, Cary Burns, really encourages all of us think about the quality of our sound and the shape of the line.

We are always looking for people who want to improve their individual vocal talent and be a member of an ever-improving musical performance group.

Vocal improvement

Tempe Community Chorus is comprised of singers of all experience levels who come together to create that great choral sound. Some of our members haven’t sung since high school, some have sung in many choruses throughout the years, some have just graduated college, and some have never had a choral experience. We are dedicated to teaching in a fashion that is easy to understand and expands the way you think about music. We grow vocally during each season and perform at a much higher level than where we start at the beginning of the season.

Music Selection

Twice a year we meet to consider music for the upcoming season. New music and selections from the choir library are considered for the next season’s lineup. Any TCC singer can contribute music for consideration, attend the meeting, bring in ideas, and vote on pieces. The Music Team and Choir Director make all final music selections.


Mill Street Singers

treble clefMill Street Singers is a smaller group of Tempe Community Chorus singers who are willing and able to work a little harder to perform music that is a bit more challenging. The music selected for the Mill Street Singers is specifically intended for a smaller group and often requires the ability to learn quickly. In addition, the voices need to blend to bring out the personality of the piece. In the past, we have performed jazz pieces with fun chords, rock “n” roll with good beats, and ballads with thick voicing, but the style may change each season! All TCC singers are encouraged to audition if they are interested.


During some seasons, there are opportunities for small solo parts in our choir songs. These are auditioned parts, selected by the Music Team.

Small Music Groups

The Tempe Community Chorus allows small groups of three or more choir members to audition to perform during TCC performances. Audition deadlines are published each season.

Sounds of Harmony quartetHarmony Rain
This female quartet is made up of members from TCC, and has performed with TCC since 2001. The current singers, Joyce Marzano, Michelle White, Barbara Grant, and Linda Macias, have performed together with the choir since 2009. Harmony Rain also performs at other venues, and often represents the Tempe Community Chorus when the full chorus cannot perform.




Mark - Bass

We are truly a ‘community’ chorus. We have members from all walks of life. And although we love to perform, we also have fun every rehearsal night. There’s time for focus and time for laughs. The journey is as important as the destination.

Michelle - Alto

I hadn’t sung with a group for many years, but the Tempe Community Chorus made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first day. And it’s fun. I always look forward to our Monday night practice. I’ve made lasting friendships with other choir members who love to sing, just like I do.

Janet - Soprano

I am not able to sight read music, nor have I had vocal training, but no matter! We have an excellent director who brings out the best in all of us. He even helps us relax before a performance saying 'it's okay to make a mistake, it will be musical!'  My husband remarks that I have made noticeable improvement as I grow more confident with the encouragement of my new friends.

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