The Tempe Community Chorus is a great group of people who have lots of fun practicing as well as preparing for performances. While waiting for a recent performance, we gathered in small groups, having a little fun goofing off. You'll also see some performance photos. Hear us sing while you enjoy our photos!



Click on a song below to hear the Tempe Community Chorus.

Audience Comment

I loved your spring concert. The mix of tunes was so delightful, from jazz, to inspirational to TV memories – Fabulous! You give such a gift to us all.

Audience Comment

Great job, its obvious you have a talented group that truly enjoys singing.

Audience Comment

I really enjoyed the program. The singers were tops, and the director was very very good. I loved the songs you sang. Really great!

Audience Comment

This was my first TCC concert – it won’t be my last! From the first downbeat, the director’s and choir’s love for music was glowing! You were a joy to listen to as well as watch! Bravi tutti!




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