Ways To Support Us

The Tempe Community Chorus is a 501(C)(3) (non-profit) organization. We are partially funded by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the City of Tempe. Other support for the chorus comes from individual donations and dues paid by choir members.

Your support helps pay for sheet music, performance venues and other operating costs. Please do what you can to support the Tempe Community Chorus so we can continue to sing and perform for you and our local community.


Attend a Concert
Show your support by attending Tempe Community Chorus concerts. Add your name to our email list and we'll let you know about upcoming performances.  
Make a Donation
We appreciate any help you can give. Please consider supporting the Arts in your community today. All donations are tax deductible and we will provide you with a receipt for your records.  
Tempe Community Chorus has openings for volunteers on the Board and on committees. If you'd like to volunteer, please send us a note or tell one of our Board members (they wear colored name tags at our weekly practices). And we always appreciate our fans spreading the word to friends and family about our great choral sound, and how much they enjoy our concerts.


City of Tempe

Tempe Community Chorus is partially funded by the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the City of Tempe.

Arizona Commission for the Arts




Mark - Bass

We are truly a ‘community’ chorus. We have members from all walks of life. And although we love to perform, we also have fun every rehearsal night. There’s time for focus and time for laughs. The journey is as important as the destination.

Michelle - Alto

I hadn’t sung with a group for many years, but the Tempe Community Chorus made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first day. And it’s fun. I always look forward to our Monday night practice. I’ve made lasting friendships with other choir members who love to sing, just like I do.

Janet - Soprano

I am not able to sight read music, nor have I had vocal training, but no matter! We have an excellent director who brings out the best in all of us. He even helps us relax before a performance saying 'it's okay to make a mistake, it will be musical!'  My husband remarks that I have made noticeable improvement as I grow more confident with the encouragement of my new friends.

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