Tempe Community Chorus has two performances each year, and up to six additional performances for other local communities, senior centers and other requested venues.


Membership dues are required, which help to cover costs of sheet music, practice and performance venues, director and pianist salaries, and advertising and operating costs. Dues are paid during the first few sessions of choir practice.

Member dues can also be paid online using PayPal. Select the season and then click "Pay Now" below.

You’re invited! If you’d enjoy singing with more than 130 friends then join our choir and help us bring the joy of singing to our community.

How and When Can You Join?

During the first 3 weeks of rehearsals, we have “open enrollment,” where you have a chance to sing the music and mingle with the other singers before making a commitment to join. Auditions are not required, but you will meet with the Director briefly for voice placement. Just contact us so we know you are coming.

The chorus welcomes all those who love to sing and can blend on pitch. Formal training and expert reading skills are not required.


Tempe Community Chorus practices from 7 – 9 p.m. on Monday evenings. 

University Presbyterian Church (no affiliation)
139 E. Alameda, Tempe, Arizona
(SW corner of Alameda & College).
Click here for a map.

You can expect our rehearsals to start and end on time. Our group works hard and has lots of fun. Our director is amazing. He can bring out a smooth and passionate style for a ballad, and then have us sing a spiritual with strength and fortitude. He is a serious director with a great sense of humor! (So we get in a few laughs while we practice!)

We use sheet music for both rehearsals and concerts. You’ll not only improve your vocal skills, you’ll learn music-reading skills as well.

Member Testimonials

Don – Bass

Best choir I've ever sung in--by far! I love how the various sections have a friendly competition with each other, and clap loudly when one of the other sections performs especially well!

Judy - Alto

Been in TCC for almost 18 years. Love the group and good friends and the director!

Performance Dress

Our standard dress includes black dress pants or long black skirts, and button front, collared, long-sleeve dress shirts in color themes that vary by season.

Singers who also Play Instruments

Some choir songs just sound better when accompanied by musical instruments. Choir members who play a musical instrument and are interested in playing during performances are sometimes asked to play passages on specific songs. Please let the director know if you’re interested.


If you want to visit one of our practices, please do. Singers interested in joining the Chorus can visit a choir practice at any time during the season. Please contact Tempe Community Chorus to let us know that you'll be visiting.

Select a Season

Our rehearsals are filled with heart, passion, great music, and a lot of fun. Our varied, not so serious, repertoire provides a varied and entertaining show every season. When you join, you’ll not only make new friends who share the love of singing, you’ll further develop your music skills and help us create family friendly entertainment. If you choose, you can also collaborate on committees that help the TCC group improve.

We love to sing! You hear it in our concerts and our practices. Come join us!

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What Do You Sing?

There is something for everyone to enjoy, from contemporary hits such as pop music written by Queen, to historical gospel music written during our country’s beginnings and spirituals written during the Civil War era; from Broadway ballads such as Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera, to finger-snapping jazz music like Route 66. We sing a full range of styles including rock and roll and the Hallelujah Chorus by Handel. At our holiday performances we often include traditional Christmas and Hanukkah music as well, along with other holiday music selections.